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Wachusett Earthday Pricelist

CategoryItemsRecycling FeeDrop Off Location
Large AppliancesWasher, dryer, stove, water tank, rototiller, lawnmower, dishwasher, small snow blower
exercise equipment
$ 5North 40
Small appliancesGrill, microwave, vacuum,
metal sink
small appliances, wheelbarrow, trimmers,
chainsaw, snow blower, spreader
$ 3Ask at Check-In
Handheld electronicsCalculators, game consoles, digital camera, digital photo frame$ 1ReUse Building
Office equipment Small printer, PC, personal computer, stereo video components, DVD, VCR$ 2ReUse Building
Office equipmentLaptop, monitor, large printer, copier, battery backup$ 5ReUse Building
Small itemsSkis, luggage, garden hose, pallet,
interior door, patio umbrella (wood)
$ 2Center Circle
Small furniturePlastic chair, wood chair, small furniture$ 3Center Circle
Small furnitureSink, toilet, table, exterior door, plastic
chaise, large motorized toy car
$ 5North 40
Styrofoam#6 Clean StyrofoamFree
Center Circle
BulbsFluorescent bulbs and tubesFree
Center Circle
Batteries, cellphoneCell phones, small quantity of batteriesFreeCenter Circle
MercuryMercury switches and thermometers
FreeCenter Circle
Propane tankPropane tank - full or empty$ 2 - 1 lb tank
$ 4 - 20 lb
$ 10 - 30 to 60 lb
$ 20 - 100 lb
Center Circle
Home project debrisConcrete, bricks,
shingles, tile, wall board, windows,
carpet and pad, wood
$ 50 cubic yardNorth 40
ReclinerSleeper or reclining sofa, couch or chair$30North 40
Hot Tub, Swimming PoolHot tub or pool liner
$ 30North 40
Mattress or boxspring - KingMattress or boxspring - King (1 or 2 piece)$ 25North 40
Large Appliance, FurnitureTelevisions (all TVs), Full sized refrigerator / Freezer, Fridge,
Couch, Love Seat, Mattress or Boxspring - Full / Queen
$ 20North 40
ContainersPlastics #1 - #7, Metal and Glass$ 1 Min. charge
$ 2 plastic bin or bagful
Center Circle
ReUse ItemsHoliday / Seasonal items - current
• Arts and crafts, school supplies
• Fabric, yarn, sewing, knitting supplies
• Toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, games
FreeReUse Building
ReUse Items• Sporting goods: shoes, boots, helmets
• Accessories: hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, purses, backpacks, luggage
• Books. NO moldy / mildewed
• Entertainment: CDs, DVDs, records
FreeReUse Building
ReUse ItemsClean metal, plastic and glass containers with lids. NO takeout containersFreeReUse Building
ReUse ItemsDishes, pans, appliances, utensils, art, vasesFreeReUse Building
ReUse ItemsPacking peanuts in bagsFreeReUse Building
Latex paintDry out and place in your regular trashOnly accepted on Latex Paint Special Collection Days
Household Hazardous Products (HHP)Chemicals, oil, spray paints, insecticideONLY accepted on HHP Special Collection Days
Riding MowerRiding mower, large snowblower$ 10North 40
Hot Tub, Swimming PoolHot tub or Pool cover$ 10North 40
Area Rugs
Area Rug or Rug Pad - up to 12'x12')$ 10
We CANNOT accept...Creosoted wood, yard waste food or household garbageNot accepted
TiresTires up to 19", with or without rim$ 3North 40
TiresTruck tires, commercial$ 20North 40
TiresLarge equipment tires, Loader tires$ 300North 40
Fire extinguisherFire extinguisher$ 10North 40
Scrap metalScrap metal & other metal itemsFreeNorth 40
BatteriesLead acid$ 3Center Circle
BatteriesMixed household batteries - bucket$ 20
PaperMixed paper, including fiberboard boxes - NO tissues, paper towels, hardcover books, plastic bags or used cups/plates$ 1 Min charge
$ 2 Plastic bin/bag full
$ 8 cu.yd. bulk

Center Circle
Corrugated CardboardFlattened, empty$ 2 Min charge
$ 5 Car load
$ 8 cu.yd. Truck load, bulk
Center Circle
Not AcceptedSmoke detectors with removeable batteryDispose in home trash
Not AcceptedBroken fluorescent bulbs or tubesDispose in home trash
Not AcceptedSheet plasticDispose in home trash
Not AcceptedAudio cassette or VCR tapesDispose in home trash
Not AcceptedIncandescent light bulbsDispose in home trash
ReUse ItemsOffice supplies, greeting cards, gift wrap, party suppliesFreeReUse Building
ReUse ItemsHome medical equipment - NOT electronicFreeReUse Building
ReUse ItemsHardwareFreeReUse Building
ReUse ItemsEyeglassesFreeReUse Building
ReUse ItemsBicyclesFreeReUse Building
ReUse ItemsWires and cablesFreeReUse Building
ReUse ItemsDeposit/Returnable bottles and cansFree
ReUse ItemsClean and dry clothing and textiles:
linens, blankets, curtains, etc.
FreeReUse Building
ReUse ItemsClean, dry clothing and shoesFreeCenter Circle

Wachusett Earthday Inc. is a volunteer  501(c)3 non-profit operating at the Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycle Center.

New volunteers are always welcome!

Wachusett Earthday has on-going partnerships with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and seven Wachusett Watershed towns: Boylston, Holden, Paxton, Princeton, Rutland, Sterling, and West Boylston.

CLOSED Thursday July 21 due to excessive heat.

Its been too many days of excessive heat and humidity. We will NOT be open on Thursday, July 21 or open for volunteer hours on Friday, July 22. We plan to be open again on Tuesday, July 26. Stay safe!