HOURS: TUES 10am-noon  THUR 2-4pm   1st and 3rd SAT 9am-Noon

Pricelist – text format

$ 1 Small electronics, handheld appliance

$20  TV (all), full sized refrigerator / freezer,
Couch/Love Seat, full / queen mattress

$15  Air conditioner, dehumidifier, dorm frig
twin mattress / box spring, recliner

$ 3  Grill, microwave, vacuum, metal sink
sm.appliances, wheelbarrow, trimmers,
chainsaw, blower, spreader

$ 5 Washer, dryer, stove, water tank, tiller
mower, dishwasher, small snow blower
exercise equipment

$10   Riding mower, large snow blower, area rug
or pad (to 12’ x12’), pool / hot tub cover
$ 2   Skis, luggage, garden hose, pallet,
interior doors, patio umbrella (wood)
$3  Plastic chair, large plastic toy, wood chair,
small furniture

$5  Sink, toilet, table, exterior door, plastic
chaise, large motorized car

$10  Tub, upholstered chair, bureau, plastic
slides, entertainment center

$50/cubic yard  Home project debris, concrete, bricks,
shingles, tile, wall board, windows
carpet and pad, wood

$6 Tires up to 19″ with or without rim

$25 Truck tires, commercial tires

Large equipment tires, Loader tires NO Longer accepted

$10 Fire extinguisher

Propane Tanks:  $2  1 lb, $4 20 lb,  $10 30-60lb, $20 100lb