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Drop Off Fees

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Appliances, Countertop: Microwave, Coffee Maker, Toaster, Toaster Oven, Soda Maker, Mixer, Bread Machine, Crock Pot, Slow Cooker, Air Fryer, Deep Fryer, Rice Cooker, Waffle iron etc
$ 3
Appliances, Floor: Vacuum, Steam Cleaner$ 3
Appliances, Large: Washer, Dryer, Stove, Water Heater, Dishwasher$ 5
Appliances, Large with Refrigerants: Full sized Refrigerator/Freezer, or Stand Alone Freezer
Appliances, Medium: with Refrigerants: Dehumidifier, Air Conditioner, Dorm Fridge, Wine Fridge
Area Rug or Rug Pad - up to 12'x12'$10
Electronics, Miscellaneous: Adapters, Cables, Wires, Christmas lights$ 1
Electronics, Small Handheld: Cell Phone, Stick Mixer, Game Console, Calculator, Iron, Digital Camera, Hair Dryer, Curling Iron$ 1
Electronics, Small Office: Tower computer, Small Printer, PC, Kindle, Tablet, E-Reader, Calculator, Keyboard, Mice, Small Shredder, Router, Web Cam, Landline phone$ 2
Electronics: Medium Office: Laptop, Monitor, Large Printer, Copier, Battery Backup, Cable or Satellite Receiver, Fax Machine, Label Maker, Laminator, Modem, Scanner, Large Shredder, Server$ 5
Electronics: Monitor 25" or Larger $ 10
Electronics, Entertainment: Stereo and Video Components, DVD, VCR, Speakers, Camcorders, Blu-Ray Players, Cordless Phones, Digital Cameras, Digital Projectors, GPS, MP3 Players$ 2
Electronics: Televisions regardless of size$25
Lighting: Varies based on size. Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, Hanging fixture etc.$ 2 to $ 5
Exercise Machines: Treadmill, Cross Country Ski Machine, Stair Stepper, Elliptical Machine, Exercise Bike$ 5
Sports Equipment: Skis, Ski Boots, Golf Clubs, Out of Season Sports Equipment$ 2
Fire extinguisher$10
Furniture: Wooden Chair, Non Upholstered Rocking Chair, End Table, Coffee table, TV Tray, Small Bookcase, TV Stand, Kitchen Cart, Mirrors, Single Headboard any size$ 3
Furniture: Kitchen Table, Bookcase, Desk, Office Chair, Ottoman, Rocking Chair or Glider, Twin or Full Wooden Bed Frame Headboard/Footboard and Wood Rails$ 5
Furniture: Upholstered Chair (not recliner or sleeper) Bureau, Dresser, Entertainment Center, Dining Table Queen or King Wooden Bed Frame Headboard/Footboard and Wood Rails$10
Furniture: Metal bed railsNo charge for metal
Furniture: Couch, Love Seat, Sofa (Not sectionals, recliners or sleepers)$20
Reclining or Sleep Furniture: Sofa, Couch, Loveseat or Chair that Reclines or is a Sleeper$30
Sectional Furniture: Each piece evaluated independently (Chair, Recliner, Couch, Sleep Sofa, Sofa etc)Variable - see each piece
Piano or Organ$30
Garden Hose or 13 gallons worth of plastic pots
$ 2
Baby Items: Carrier, Bassinet, Changing Table, Crib, Bouncers, Pack N Play, Diaper Genie, High Chair

$ 2
Baby Items: Car Seat, $ 3
Home Project Debris: Tile, Shingles, Wall Board, Windows, Carpet and Pad, Wood$60 per cubic yard
Home Project Debris: Heavy: Concrete, Bricks, Asphalt, Asphalt Shingles$60 per cubic yard
plus a heavy materials surcharge $10 minimum
Home Project Debris; small miscellaneous$ 1
Home Project Debris: Interior Wood Door, Pallet$ 2
Home Project Debris: Exterior Wood Door$ 5
Home Project Debris: Toilet, Single Sink, Single Vanity$ 5
Home Project Debris: Tub$10
Home Project Debris: Hot Tub/Pool Cover or Liner$10
Home Project Debris: Hot Tub or Spa
Small Quantity of Mixed Alkaline and/or Rechargeable Household Batteries (including Lithium Ion)Free
Car or Marine 12V battery, Motorcycle, Tractor, Power Wheel Battery,Battery Backup Battery, Jump pack$ 3
Bucket of Mixed Alkaline and/or Rechargeable Household Batteries (including Lithium Ion)$20
Fluorescent and LED Bulbs and TubesFree
Mercury Switches, Thermostats and Thermometers
Large and small ink cartridgesFree
Luggage$ 2
Small tools: Hand Drill, Circular Saw, Sawsall$ 1
Outdoor Tools and Equipment: Grill, Wheelbarrow, Trimmer,
Chainsaw, Spreader, Leaf Blower, Power Washer, Table Saw, Compound Miter Saw, Radial arm Saw, Band Saw, Drill Press
$ 3
Outdoor Tools and Equipment: Rototiller, Push Lawnmower, Small Snow Blower
$ 5
Outdoor Tools and Equipment: Riding Mower, Large Snowblower - Please drain oil and gas.$10
Patio Umbrella
$ 2
Plastic Christmas Tree$ 2
Bulkly Rigid Plastic: Small Miscellaneous$ 1
Bulkly Rigid Plastic: Chair, Table$ 3
Bulky Rigid Plastic: Chaise, Lounge Chair, Ride On Motorized Toy Car$ 5
Bulky Rigid Plastic: Slide, Playhouse, Deck Box, Cabinet or Shed$10
Propane Tank - Full or Empty 1 Pound $ 2
Propane Tank - Full or Empty 20 Pound $ 4
Propane Tank - Full or Empty 30 to 60 Pound $10
Propane Tank - Full or Empty 100 Pound $20
Mattress - Crib$10
Mattress - Twin $20
Box Spring - Twin$20
Mattress - Full or Queen$25
Box Spring - Full or Queen$25
Mattress - King$30
Box Spring - King$30
Futon Mattress $15
Mattress Topper (all sizes)$15
Recycling: Corrugated Cardboard Flattened, empty$ 2 Min charge
$ 5 Car load
$ 8 cu.yd. Truck load, bulk
Recycling: Mixed Containers: Plastics #1 - #7, Metal and Glass$ 1 Min. charge
$ 2 13 gallon plastic bin or bagful
Recycling: Mixed Paper, including fiberboard boxes - NO tissues, paper towels, hardcover books, plastic bags or used cups/plates$ 1 Min charge
$ 2 Plastic bin/bag full
$ 8 cu.yd. bulk

Styrofoam: #6 Clean White Packing Styrofoam. No food/drink/egg Styrofoam.$5 per carload, prorated more or less depending on volume.
Tires up to 19", with or without rim$ 6
Truck Tires, Commercial$25
Large Equipment Tires, Loader tiresNot Accepted
Household Hazardous Products (HHP): Chemicals, oil, spray paints, insecticideONLY accepted on HHP Special Collection Days
Latex Paint: If not latex with alkyd, dry out and place in your regular trash. Or bring on Latex Collection Days . Alkyd added are only accepted on HHP daysOnly accepted on Latex Paint Special Collection Days
ReUse Items: Current Holiday / Seasonal items, Decor, Arts and crafts, school supplies, Fabric, yarn, sewing, knitting supplies, Toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, games, • Sporting goods: shoes, boots, helmets, Accessories: jewelry, hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, purses, backpacks, Entertainment: CDs, DVDs, records, Books. NO moldy / mildewed, Office supplies, greeting cards, gift wrap, party supplies, Home Improvement and Hardware, EyeglassesFree
ReUse Items: Clean metal, plastic and glass containers with lids. NO takeout containers, Dishes, pans, utensils, glassware, baking pans, bar ware, art, vasesFree
ReUse Items: Packing Peanuts, Packing Pillows, Thin Foam, Packing Paper etcFree
ReUse Items: Home medical equipment - NOT electronicFree
Deposit/Returnable bottles and cansFree - Leave in the Scout Shed
ReUse Items: Clean and dry home textiles:
linens, blankets, curtains, towels etc.
Textiles: Clean, dry clothing belts, shoes, purses etcFree - Place your tied plastic bags of textiles in the textile bins
Scrap metal & other metal itemsFree
Not Accepted: Sheet plastic, plastic shopping bagsBring to a Grocery Store to be recycled.
Not Accepted: Broken fluorescent bulbs or tubesDispose in home trash
Not Accepted: Audio cassette or VCR tapesDispose in home trash
Not Accepted: Smoke detectors Remove battery and dispose of the smoke detector in home trash
Not Accepted: Incandescent light bulbsSafe to dispose of in home trash.
We can NOT accept: Creosoted wood, yard waste, food waste or household garbageWe are not a transfer station and cannot accept these items. Contact your Town for options

Volunteers at Check In have discretion to set pricing based on sizes, volumes etc of material being dropped off.

Wachusett Earthday Inc. is a volunteer  501(c)3 non-profit operating at the Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycle Center.

New volunteers are always welcome!

Wachusett Earthday has on-going partnerships with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and seven Wachusett Watershed towns: Boylston, Holden, Paxton, Princeton, Rutland, Sterling, and West Boylston.