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Beyond the Three Rs

Reduce, ReUse, Recycle…   and ReThink, ReImagine, ReGift, ReWork, Repair, Recover

ReThink what you purchase:

  • Refuse single use and non-recyclable items
  • Reduce general consumption
  • Request alternatives to virgin materials – look for recycled or refurbished
  • Reuse Everything!


  • Refurbish old items
  • Repair instead of replace
  • Repurpose or Reinvent


Recycle – use as the last option


The center will be closed on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 because of extremely cold temperatures during the operating hours.

Predictions are for temps in the single digits and with wind chill it will feel as cold as -9 between 10am and noon. Stay warm! Watch out for icy roads and walkways.