HOURS: TUES 10am-noon  THUR 2-4pm   1st and 3rd SAT 9am-Noon

Special Collections – Latex Paint / HHP / Document Shredding

Only residents of Boylston, Holden, Paxton, Princeton, Rutland, Sterling and West Boylston may participate in these collections

latex paint cans

Latex Paint Collection

Latex Paint Collections will be held on these third Saturdays of the month during normal hours 9am to noon: DATES TBD in 2023. We will accept latex, acrylic, or water-based paints in their original containers.  Do not consolidate paints.  All containers must have the original, readable label.

How do I know if it’s water or oil-based?

Water-based paint

  • will have “latex,” “water-based,” or “acrylic” on the label
  •  cleans up with just soap and water
  • if none of these words are found, we must assume it is oil-based

Oil-based  paint

  • will have “oil-based” or “alkyd” on the label
  • it may also say “flammable” or “combustible”
  • cleans up with paint thinner, turpentine, mineral spirits, or solvent
  • NOTE: Latex Alkyds are considered oil-based due to the addition of the alkyd

If you cannot read the label, it has no label, or the paint has been consolidated or is not in the original container, we must assume it is oil-based. You can bring it to the Household Hazardous Waste collection DATES TBD in 2023.

Fees for the latex collection are the same as paint on hazardous waste days: BOTH SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN 2023.

Minimum Fee           Up to 3 Gallons $20
Half Load                   >3  to 10 Gallons $40
Full Load                    >10  to 25 Gallons $70

The paint is not being recycled but may be put out for reuse, else we will dry and dispose of it properly.   Please help us make this effort a success by not bringing any hazardous waste or unreadable paint cans on these non-HHP days.

NOTE:  You can save some money and dry paint yourself by doing the following: 

  • Pour a thin layer on something waterproof and leave to dry.   Warm sunny days speed this along.
  • Mix in an equal amount of kitty litter and leave it to dry.   A week or two often is enough for a fairly full can.   
  • Other mix ins we’ve tried: sawdust or shredded paper.  These work slower than kitty litter. 

Once dried, you can put the dried paint into your regular trash.  There is nothing ‘hazardous’ in the dried latex paint.  


Household Hazardous Products (HHP)


HHP ONLY events Saturdays: July 22 and November 11, 2023 9am to 1pm.    The rest of the site (including the building) will be closed.  Only residents of the 7 member towns may bring HHP.  Please have an ID ready.

Household Hazardous Products (HHP)   

Minimum Fee           Up to 3 Gallons or Pounds TBD
Half Load                   >3 to 10 Gallons or Pounds TBD
Full Load                    >10 to 25 Gallons or Pounds TBD

If you have more than 25 gallons/lbs or a highly toxic/dangerous item, please contact us via the website or call (978) 464-2854 and tell us:  1. What you have;  2. How much;  3. Container sizes so we can advise you on how to pack safely and schedule a time for you to bring it.

 —> Do not bring Latex or Acrylic paint to HHP days unless it is Alkyd.   You can dispose of non-Alkyd, dried latex paint cans in your regular trash.

—> Do not mix items.   Leave in the original container if possible.  

 —> Please pack items so they can be easily assessed/counted at Check In.   All containers assumed full.

 —> All materials must be placed in your trunk, truck beds or back cargo area. Materials will not be taken from vehicle interiors and no materials may be handed out the window.

—> Containers will not be returned. They are deemed contaminated by whatever you brought in. Plan ahead to gather plastic totes or cardboard boxes you will not want back.   Pour gasoline into another safe container if you want to keep your gas cans.

 —> We cannot accept waste from commercial businesses. Please use personal vehicles for transportation to avoid misunderstanding. If we have reason to suspect the material is from commercial use, we have the right to refuse to accept it.

 —> On these 2 extra Saturdays, the rest of the site is CLOSED.

ALWAYS ACCEPTED ON NON HHP DAYS:  Universal Hazardous Waste items such as fluorescent light bulbs and tubes; household batteries and thermometers and thermostats may be dropped off in Center Circle any day that the site is open to the public.   Car batteries, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, electronics and appliances with refrigerants may be dropped off in the North 40 any day that the site is open to the public (some of these items carry a fee). You do not have to store those items for an HHP collection day.

NEVER ACCEPTED: Prescription medicines, sharps/needles, ammunition, explosives or flares. (Check your town’s websites for information on where to bring them in your town) We also do not accept radioactive material or waste containing PCBs.


Document Shredding


Document Shredding –  There are 3 dates planned for confidential document shredding in 2023: May 20,2023, August 19, 2023, October 21, 2023.   On these Saturday’s the rest of the site will also be open as usual.

Please bring ONLY confidential documents to be shred so we don’t run out of space in the truck.   Please recycle non-confidential materials (envelopes, folders, inserts) in your regular curbside recycling or in our Mixed Paper Recycling container in Center Circle on any day that we are open.

The first 2 boxes are free and fees are $2 for each box after that.

Upcoming Special Collection Dates