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Items We Accept

Wachusett Earthday accepts a large variety of items for recycling, reuse or disposal.  Some are accepted without a fee but others require a fee in order to offset our disposal costs.  Household Hazardous Products, including Paints, Chemicals and Pesticides,  require special handling – and are therefore only accepted on special collection days.  Please be aware that prices are subject to change without notice to due to changing market conditions.

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Special Collection Days

Wachusett Earthday Inc. hosts several Special Collection Days throughout the year:  Household Hazardous Products (HHP) and Confidential Paper Shredding.  These Special Collection Days are usually on a Saturday.   The rest of the Recycling Center Building and/or the rest of the site may be closed during these events – please check the specific Event listing for each event, as details may vary.

Please note that our fees for HHP Collection have changed!   We have a simplified bulk price list:

  • Up to 3 gal / lbs – $20
  • Over 3 to 10 gal / lbs – $40
  • Over 10 to 25 gal / lbs – $70

Items We Cannot Accept

Items to throw in your regular trash – these are not recyclable:

  • Masks, gloves (PPE)
  • Broken dishes or glassware
  • Takeout Food containers
  • Plastic silverware
  • Latex paint – open dry out completely first
  • Smoke detectors with removable battery
  • Broken fluorescent bulbs or tubes
  • Audio and VCR tapes
  • Incandescent bulbs (dead)

Plastic bags – Take these to your local grocery store for recycling.

Medications – Please check with your town for disposal options.

For disposal of Household Hazardous Products at other times, you can contact:
New England Disposal Technologies
866 -769- 1621

CLOSED Thursday July 21 due to excessive heat.

Its been too many days of excessive heat and humidity. We will NOT be open on Thursday, July 21 or open for volunteer hours on Friday, July 22. We plan to be open again on Tuesday, July 26. Stay safe!