HOURS: TUES 9-11am  THUR 4-6pm   1st and 3rd SAT 9am-Noon

How to Plan Your Visit

Checklist - Before You Visit

Review the Brochure for open hours and accepted items..
Follow all safety signs
Bring payment, if needed - we accept cash, check or credit card.
Bring your ID. We verify residency and track the participation rate by town for our member towns even if you are just browsing.
Make sure we are open! There may be unexpected weather related closings. If we are experiencing snow, thunderstorms or extreme temperatures, check our website, Facebook or call us ahead of time to see if we are open.
Please be prepared to unload your items yourself.
If you are not sure where something goes, please ask a volunteer for assistance. We'd much rather assist you than correct misplacement later.

Navigating the Site & Packing Your Car


All cars must stop at check in so we can verify residency.  Please have an ID ready.  We'll also assess and collect fees here.  Fees can be paid with cash, check or charge.

north 40

Next, items such as tires, bikes, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, large appliances, electronics, metal, vehicle batteries, construction or other bulky debris such as mattresses or furniture, are in the far end of the site ("The North 40").  Drive straight ahead and make the U turn.  If dropping items off, these should be the last things you put in the car since the North 40 will be your first stop.   Let the volunteers know if your item is reusable and they can direct you to the correct location for drop off.  If furniture is reusable, you can drop it at our new Furniture Pavilion.   If shopping for furniture, you can park on the hazardous waste pad at the curve of the hairpin turn or do a drive by to see what we have.

Center Circle & "The Annex"

Items such as redeemable bottles/cans ("Scout Shed"), fluorescent bulbs, cell phones, ink cartridges, household batteries and items with mercury (Bulb and Battery Shed"), bulky plastics, corrugated cardboard, mixed paper, clean glass, metal or plastic containers, and packing Styrofoam can be dropped off at the appropriate dumpsters/containers located mid-site ("Center Circle").  This area is also where you will find reusable sports equipment, medical assistive equipment, luggage and baby items ("The Annex"), outdoor children's toys, and gardening items as well.   These items should be packed mid vehicle for drop off.

reuse building

If you have indoor household goods for reuse, please ensure you have gathered and contained all the parts necessary for a game, appliance etc.  Please pack your clean, unbroken, odor-free items in easy to carry boxes (35 lbs or less), with lids so they can be stacked. We limit drop off to 2 boxes per car per day.  These items should be packed first in your vehicle since this will be your last stop for drop off.   Drop off is along the Exit road, left lane.  Please place your boxes on the table provided or directly in the storage box if directed to do so by the volunteers.  Parking is at the front of the building if you'd like to look for treasures in the building.

On Saturdays that are also Special Collection days such as Document Shredding or Latex Paint collection days, please pack the paper or latex paint last as this will be your first stop at the far end of the site. Shredding takes place on the HHP pad located at the far end of the site, before turning to go to N40. Latex Paint can be dropped off at the yellow paint hut just past the bikes in the N40. On HHP Days we are ONLY accepting HHP so pack that so we can easily assess and remove it from the trunk, truck bed or back cargo area.